Paige's career has been a lengthy and very successful one. Including, Opry performances throughout the midwest, a made for TV movie shown on Nickelodeon, and numerous radio and TV appearances, all before the age of 16. Paige played with Bruce Kulick and Gary Hoey at the Dallas Guitar Show's All Star Jam Night, and performed with his country band, "RECKLESS", on TNN's Prime Time Country. Paige played with the band "Overboard" for Carnival Cruise Line's Fascination, and played numerous casinos and A-room clubs throughout the country with RECKLESS. Paige also played the Whisky a Go Go’s 40th anniversary in Hollywood, CA. Paige has been featured in magazines such as Guitar Player, Guitar World, and GFPM. His work can be heard on many recordings. This includes: a compilation CD with Metal Mike Chlasciak ( Rob Halford ), and Shane Theriot (Neville Bros ), produced by Jeff Scheetz for the Guitarists Network.  More recently, Paige placed 2 original instrumentals in the TV show, Duck Dynasty, Paige also wrote and performed sound clips for Keeley Electronics and Voo Doo Lab. He played the Palmer booth at winter NAMM for Techstar Services out of Nashville, as well as Keeley Electronics.


Paige is also a producer / engineer with his most recent project being an Eric Carr ( KISS ) tribute CD. Paige engineered the drumtracks for a song titled “Eyes of Love” in which John Humphrey ( SEETHER ) laid the drum tracks for.  John and Paige are also working on a side project together.


Playing, recording, producing, and engineering, "From the Wildhorse Saloon," in Nashville, to the "Whisky" in Hollywood, or even the Marriott in OKC, its all the same to him. A show is a show is a show. Play it like it’s your never know who’s listening!!!! “


The best way to describe Paiges playing?